Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Linked by an Angel

I just noticed that I have been linked to by Gabrielle Reilly the conservative supermodel that I mentioned way back in May. Since I haven't stopped by her sight since, I can only assume that she linked to me quite awhile ago and I am just now noticing. A belated thanks, Gabrielle, and you are now on the blogroll (in the Non-Blog section).

Two other things I noticed (*ahem* ... if I could have your attention?)

1. A link to Right Goths, who describe themselves as "Gothic. Freaky. Conservative." Ah, to be young again...

2. Gabrielle is evidently now a Kansas girl. I've always said that the best women come from Kansas. I know, she is originally from Australia but a mid-westerner by choice is still a mid-westerner.

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