Thursday, February 21, 2008

Egyptian Court Recognizes Converts to Christianity

From Voice of the Martyrs (via email):

Praise God! An Egyptian court has recognized the faith of 12 converts to Christianity. The decision overturns a lower court ruling which said the state need not recognize conversions from Islam because it constituted "apostasy," an act often treated as a capital crime in the Muslim world. A lawyer for the 12 Coptic Christians described the case as a victory for human rights and freedom of religion that will open the door for hundreds of other Copts who want to return to their original faith from Islam. There is concern, however, over the ruling's mandate that the converts' former religion must be noted in their official documents, as this could leave them vulnerable to discrimination. Thank the Lord for this victory. Pray that these individuals will not be subject to further discrimination. Pray that those who were born into Muslim families and convert to Christianity will also have their conversions recognized by the Egyptian government.

Friday, February 01, 2008

West Virginia to Mandate Gun Safety Class?

Not perfect but a good start. West Virginia is considering legislation that would provide 8th-10th graders with basic training in gun safety. This is the same basic age group that used to get behind-the-wheel driver's education -- a much more likely cause of death and injury, by the way -- back in the day when such things were affordable. As I've noted before, this is a much more rational approach than the typical "abstinence only" approach touted by the gun control folks.

West Virginia's approach has one problem though:

They will learn gun safety, the proper use of fire arms. All the weapons will be disabled so there is no chance of discharging.
I'm sorry, but the "proper use of firearms" involves shooting them. Trying to teach gun safety with a gun that is inert is like trying to teach music by the "think method". I can understand the need for caution, especially when dealing with the newly pubescent, but such concerns are routinely met in cases of sports and, as I already mentioned, driver ed. Proceed with caution and maintain rigorous discipline in the class room, and kids will surprise you every time.

Nevertheless, I think WV is on the right track, here. We need to see more movement in this direction.