Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Who Is Paying for All This?

I recently noticed that the ads at the top of the blog have disappeared. In their place is a nifty feature that allows a text search on this blog. Unlike text searches on some commercial sites, this one appears to actually work. But since the ads are gone, how is this going to represent a source of revenue for Blogger/Google? If they keep adding cool new features to the free version, what incentive do people have to convert to the paid service? Not that I want to appear ungrateful or anything, but the arch-capitalist in me finds all this a bit unnerving.

And speaking of free things, I have finally taken advantage of the free image hosting provided by Blogger through an agreement with Hello.com Posted by Hello. I am far too left-brain to do a whole lot of photoblogging, but there are times when an image is a useful addition to the text.

OK, now that I have destroyed any credibility I may have had by staying up all night playing with all this vanity stuff, I'll try to get back to some serious commentary in the next few days. Work is slowing down to a more reasonable level of panic, so I might have a few spare moments to talk about serious things.

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