Monday, November 01, 2004

New Blog Alert

My friend Andrew Matthews has joined the blogosphere at Unpopular Opinions. As a fellow Calvinist, Theonomist and Reformed Episcopalian, his blog is almost guaranteed to live up to its name. (That will all have to change, of course, when we take over the world. Bwahaha. But for the forseeable future, I think he's pretty safe.)

Andy has come out swinging with the following list of assertions:

1. Divine government is monarchical.

2. Human authority is derived from and patterned after the divine monarchy.

3. Jesus Christ is now both de jure and de facto King of kings.

4. The New Covenant is a universal administration of God's kingdom that encompasses all human societies, including the nations.

5. Enlightenment revolutionism (whether American, French, or Bolshevik) is the political expression of anti-Christ.

6. Religious sectarianism is the ecclesiastical counterpart to political revolutionism and is the religious expression of anti-Christ.

7. Christendom is roughly equivalent to the visible kingdom of Christ.

8. The Church's task is to disciple all nations in the obedience of Christ. This is an essential aspect of catholic Christianity.
I have already hinted at my response to this view at the end of my Sola Scriptura post in the Liberty sub-section. But I have no doubt that this will be an ongoing debate, to which I certainly look forward.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Andy!

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