Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rathergate Revisited

Many are speculating that the investigation into the forged documents which Dan Rather used on 60 Minutes will release its report as early as tomorrow. Little Green Footballs has put its animated .GIF back up and notes the following coincidence:

In another amazing coincidence of timing, right before the Memogate report, CBS News releases a last minute hit piece on bloggers suggesting that they are paid political operatives, and hinting darkly at possible new laws to deal with the upstarts: Blogs: New Medium, Old Politics.

Contrast this with yesterday’s report that CBS is recruiting anti-war bloggers to hype CBS news stories that damage the war effort.
See also this reminder, and this one from Wizbang, about the debunked Hailey analysis, which is also evidently being scheduled for final release.

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