Friday, November 18, 2005

Comments Enabled

Against my better judgment, I have finally decided to break down and enable comments on this blog. My original objections were that comments take away from the focus of a blog and that the top bloggers (such as Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit and the Volokh Conspiracy) did not have comments. But I have found that recently, I spend more time commenting on other blogs than blogging here, so my first argument falls somewhat flat. And I have pretty much stopped reading Sullivan, and Volokh has been enabling comments for some time now, so the second argument is much shakier than it used to be. So starting now, I will be enabling comments until further notice.

I will update this post with my comment/email policy as soon as I have time to think about it some more. But let me say, by way of guidelines, that I want thoughtful comments along the lines of those at Althouse or the Volokh Conspiracy. I don't want the sort on Little Green Footballs. If you can't tell the difference, you probably shouldn't be commenting.


Pastorius said...


Hey Jack, those towelheads suck! We should turn their turf into glass.


Just kidding.

I'm glad you have enabled comments. Many of my greatest blogging experiences have been in the exchange of ideas which occurs around a particularly good post.

One never knows when, or where, such a post will occur.

PS: In an extraordinary event of serendipity, the "word" I have been asked to type in to prove I am not a psybot, is "lgfneor".

Little Green Footballe Noir?


Jack said...

There's always one. :>

I like the exchange-of-ideas aspect as well, but I really hate wading through all the tripe that people who don't have ideas of their own offer up as a substitute. I finally deiced that the value of the former outweighs the odium of the latter, but just barely.

That's interesting about the verification word. Similar things were happening on other blogs this week, including the one where Althouse was criticizing LGF's commenters. It makes me wonder if the random letter generator somehow takes statistical samples of the corresponding post. Seems a bit far-fetched, but sometimes programmer take shortcuts that have interesting consequences.

I got "pznvu" for my word, so your serendity explanation is probably more on target. (Unless it is a sly reference to "penis envy" which would be downright impertinent!)

Rosemary said...

LOL. Mine is "ltwbjorr." I could make up many things these letters "could" mean, but I truly believe it is random. Could be wrong. It happened once before. (lol)

Jack said...

Yeah, I'm sure it is random. But every once in awhile I wonder...

Giacomo said...

Hi, Jack. The commenter criterion is understandable but a little intimidating. I will be sparing.