Friday, January 27, 2006

Better an Honest Enemy...

...Than a False Friend.

There has been much commentary regarding the Hamas victory in the Palestinian election. While I do not in any way rejoice at the ascendency of such a vicious regime, I am a bit surprised by all the, er, surprise. Much of the tragedy of the Middle-East has resulted from the West's refusal to take the Palestinians seriously when they said they longed for the destruction of Israel. Much of this refusal stems from a (perhaps laudable) inability to think so ill of an entire people. And also from a (less laudable) instinct to take the part of the underdog, without inquiring as to why the dog in question has come to such a low estate.

Countless excuses have been made for the Palestinians continued use of terror, but now they have run out of excuses. With the full support of the international community, and in free and open elections they have declared that they really are defined by a hatred of Jews that overrides all other concerns, even those of self-interest.

In the near term, the most obvious result of this political analog to suicide bombing will be the withdrawal of international support and funding which the Palestinians have long depended on but rarely acknowledged. The long-term prospect is not so predictable, but much turns on whether, as a people, the Palestinians are capable of coming to their senses before they are obliterated in a futile war with the West.

UPDATE: Sorry, I stupidly saved this as a draft! Here is a development which might show that the Palestinians are indeed coming to their senses. Considering the source is Al-Jazeera, I am taking this with a grain of salt. But maybe, just maybe, this is a good sign. (Via Pastorius, who is even less optimistic.)

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