Friday, September 17, 2004

The Accidental Patriot

Michael Moore's hatchet piece on Bush is having some unintended consequences in Iran. Fahrenheit 9/11 was passed by the censors because it criticizes Bush, but Iranian viewers admire the freedom of Americans to criticize their government:

"It sure is a great country, where someone like Moore trashes the president and gets away with it -- and makes so much money!" he laughed.

Another woman said she was impressed with the scene where Moore chases US congressmen to ask them if they would send their children to Iraq.

"How many top officials here sent their offspring to fight in the Iran-Iraq war?" asked the woman, one of several who directed their frustrations at Iranian authorities -- and not President Bush.

(Via Damien who notes: "Moore says he made Fahrenheit 9/11 to facilitate 'regime change' in America, but the film may instead help to bring down the theocratic government of Iran. Which makes me wonder which one Moore would prefer."

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