Monday, September 27, 2004

Who the Heck is Paying for All This Part 2

Over the weekend I was researching RSS feeds in order to accomodate the aggregator for the League of Reformed Bloggers (LORB). Blogger directed me to FeedBurner but that evidently doesn't work on the LORB server. Expecting to do some more research this evening, I discovered that my task was completed for me by David at JollyBlogger, who signed me and several other LORBers up with BlogStreet.

So now I have two new feeds, in addition to the Atom feed that Blogger supplies, all completely free of charge. As a confirmed capitalist, this makes me somewhat nervous. I understand, and even share, the motivations of someone like JollyBlogger: Chrisitian charity, desire to advance the Kingdom, etc. But how do sites that offer such useful services for free support themselves?

UPDATE: While I am on the topic of Christian charity, I wanted to thank Adrian Warnock, Tim Challies and, of course, David Wayne for putting the LORB together.

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