Monday, January 31, 2005

So Much Good News...'s hard to know where to start. I guess this photo gallery is as good a place as any. It is interesting that the shots of people celebrating are interleaved with shots of Coalition forces preparing to take out insurgents. Puts the whole thing into perspective, doesn't it?

Pastorius has several good links on the subject. Just keep scrolling. (This was my favorite.)

Via American Digest -- This lovely meme:

On January 31, 2005, in a show of solidarity with the bravery of the Iraqi people, all Americans should color their index fingers blue or purple, and give terrorism the finger.

The Iraqi elections have been a resounding success. Nearly 70% of eligible Iraqis braved threats of terrorism and voted on January 30. On January 31, we can all show our solidarity and give terrorism the finger just as nearly 10 million Iraqis did.

Send your pictures!! Send in your pic of you joining thousands across the country in giving terror the finger, and I will add a picture page. E-Mail them to

UPDATE (2/2/05): I got interrupted in the middle of this post and there doesn't seem much point now in reiterating what everyone else has already said. But I did want to give Zeyad the last word:
The turnout in Iraq was really like nothing that I had expected. I was glued in front of tv for most of the day. My mother was in tears watching the scenes from all over the country. Iraqis had voted for peace and for a better future, despite the surrounding madness. I sincerely hope this small step would be the start of much bolder ones, and that the minority which insists on enslaving the majority of Iraqis would soon realise that all that they have accomplished till now is in vain.

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