Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Speaking of Allah and Tsunamis...

It appears that the False God is not gone for good, as some of us had feared. It is not clear if he has come to terms with his recent ennui, but I hope he gets over it before it incurs any more casualties.

To be honest, I have been kind of pissed at him for his jaded comments, but I didn't want to kick him when he was down. It may be because I look at this whole enterprise as a sort of evangelism -- not in the strictly religious sense, but still as a kind of bearing witness to the truth on a lower level. So I hate to see someone whom I had considered as some sense on my side turn out not to share my commitment to the cause. Not that my own slothful posting really qualifies me to criticize someone else's lack of enthusiasm. Sometimes we all need a break, but I really don't see that cynicism is warranted.

...Anyway, glad to see that he's still around (and photoshopping for a worthy cause). Life was a little less sunny without his wit and talent.

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