Friday, February 18, 2005

Pantano and the Jihadis

According to the Washington Times, there is some evidence that terrorists may be threatening the life of Lt. Ilario Pantano:

Retired Marines set up a security watch yesterday around the North Carolina home of accused 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, after a Pakistan-connected Web site depicted a beheading of the Marine Corps officer.


Lt. Pantano reported the beheading on the Web site to the local sheriff, who is investigating.

Mr. Gittins also said the FBI has opened an investigation after a Web site established by the officer's mother was shut down by repeated cyberattacks that might have come from Pakistan.

The Web site,, was set up by Merry K. Gregory Pantano to explain her son's case and his life story and to raise money for his criminal defense. The site crashed several times Tuesday and yesterday.
So, evidently it wasn't a question of exceeded bandwidth, but an actual cyber-attack on Just in case of a future outage, the address for contributions is:
DHCC Post Office Box 20088
NY NY 10017

The possibility that the charges against Pantano may have endangered his life and the lives of his family certainly raise urgent questions about the strength of the prosecutions case. It had better be strong indeed to justify such an ordeal.

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