Monday, March 14, 2005

Betraying the Betrayers

David A of In Search of Utopia almost feels sorry for these guys (NOTE: Beware of sexual content and possible nude pictures):

Men are stupid!

I had an ad on this site called "Adult Friend Finder" My profile was pretty specific with what it was I was seeking and what I wasn't seeking. I posted a g-rated photo (you can and they do post naked photos). I was surprised at the type of email and the men that had emailed me. My surprise quickly turned to amused. I can't tell you how many emails I received and yet not one even came close to what I was seeking. I heard a lot about fake profiles, web sites, hookers and such from some in their emails to me. Out of amusement I decided to create a "fake" profile,
I wanted to see what a "slut" would generate from the site. I copied word for word from some other female profile, got the photographs off some porn website and posted it. Took all of a new email address and 10 minutes of my time.
As it turns out the same men that emailed me at my real profile, the same ones that claimed we had a lot in common are emailing the slut. OH MY GOD these men are acting like teenagers in puberty.
I decided to create this little journal and post some of what is said.

I did form a community dedicated to the ones I despise. It is called legznmore2 That is where I am posting some of my favorites. Leaving thoughts along with the posted emails. Join in!

I don't feel particularly sorry for them at all, but I do have a couple of problems with Legs' methodology. First, not all of the men she exposes are married. I don't have a problem with betraying a trust of confidentiality when the man in question is betraying his own wedding vows, but the single guys are not in quite the same moral category. You could argue that they are worthy of shame because they are committing (or trying to commit) the sin of fornication, but I don't get the impression that that is her issue here.

Second, since she is posing as a slut rather than her original G-rated profile, she really doesn't have much moral leverage for mocking the guys that are attracted to that type of girl. In law-enforcement terms this is called "entrapment". If she had got these responses from an "innocent" profile, I would have far less objection.

However, all that said, I would like to see more women do this kind of thing. Adult Friend Finder provides a cover for people who want to flout the mores of society (to say nothing of Biblical morality) without consequences. If this practice bacame more wide-spread people would never know if their activities could become public, so would presumably be more likely to limit themselves to things they weren't ashamed to admit to.

Of course, some of these guys might not be all that ashamed, but that would be another story.

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