Thursday, March 17, 2005

Traction Alert

Here is a partial round-up of blogs linking to the story mentioned in the post below:

Instapundit links without much comment.

Powerline calls it the Story of the Day. (Let's hope it lasts a bit longer.)

Q and O has commentary.

PoliSciFi Blog gets the big picture.

The Great Satan also has thoughts.

Geek with a .45 is livid.

The Blog from the Core thinks this conforms to the law ... just not the law you might think.

I hear Voices telling me this smells.

JennyFromTheHood doesn't have a blog but she comments on Sager's that, after leaving Pew, Treglia was appointed to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.

That same Election Law site also has a current post.

Hugh Hewitt says this needs wide dissemination, but that's all he says so far. (In fairness, he was writing in haste before heading off to Colorado.)

Rich Lowry, of the Corner, congratulates Sager.

New World Man has a long post with background.

Reason Hits and Runs.

Chris Muir's cartoon reminds me that tomorrow is another Day by Day.

UPDATE 03/18/05:

Captain's Quarters now has coverage.

Kevin at Wizbang muses that bloggers would be all over the story if it were happening today.

He also links to this long piece by Mark Tapscott of the Heritage Foundation.

Publius Pundit responds via email:

I don't usually blog about things going on in the United States, but that is one hell of a damning article. And I'm more than upset about the issue given that McCain is my senator. And it goes without saying that regulating political speech is totally party-centric and detrimental to our government overall. I wrote a short essay on McCain-Feingold about a year and a half ago. Maybe you should put a poll on your site, or ask people to leave a comment, because I really want to know: How many bloggers or blog readers have actually read the full text of McCain-Feingold? I hate it. The language used actually makes soft money look like a world tragedy.

Rosemary at My Newz 'N Ideas promises to write about this as soon as she wakes up. (Update: Here is her post. She also sent this via email to which I will dedicate a separate post.)

Juan Non-Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy offers some cautious analysis. (I don't see how Sager's charges could not be true, since he provides the actual video.)

UPDATE 03/24/04:
Sorry for not keeping up with this. Here are some more posts on the subject.

Brain Terminal suggests "McCain/Feingold should be repealed, and it should be repealed now."

A Sailor in the Desert points out that "this is not some thing we can depend on the MSM to cover or investigate. As I have posted before, it is up to us to pressure our representatives..."

Cracker Barrel Philosopher at Country Store predicts a bull market in pond scum.

Danica at heliotrope sees a connection with abortion on demand arguments.

reconsider... does.

Derek Rose asks about "Checkbook Journalism".

The Key Monk may have found George Will's "scare" column.

MoonOverPittsburgh doesn't see a connection with the Armstrong Williams case that Mickey Kaus suggested.

Right Minded Thinking sees the ugly truth coming out.

SoCal Pundit calls this criminal bias.

Rip and Read has a PodCast.

Betsy isn't holding her breath.

More links from Election Law including Washington Times and New York Sun editorials. (The latter is subscription only but here is the summary from their search page.)

Hube's Cube and Jeff the Baptist form a mini food chain.

Chuck is mouthing off about this.

Sandi at Vista also smells something. (And evidently she is Mother Theresa!)

The Spanish Inquisition finds this damning, as we might have expected.

Cheat Seaking Missiles is on target.

John Lott has the longest hyper link I've ever seen.

Pstupidonymous has two successive posts.

Former Naval Person doesn't trust Pew.

Midwest Journal News sees vested interests.

Plonderings sees a Liberal Dirty Trick.

Anthroblogogy wants to screw the FCC!

Sharks with Lasers: funny business.

Politically...Direct links this to the Social Security debate.

Transterrestrial Musings wants to reform the reformers.

Conservative Contrarian: "seriously damaging to the moral high ground and credibility of the artificial pro-CFR caucus."

Nixatron was on this as early as the 3/18.

OK. That is the first two pages of a Technorati search on the keyword "Treglia". There are a total of 8 pages with 147 links, but not all of them are on topic. I think I have about reached my limit in this roundup. Any new developments will get a separate post.

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