Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Intelligent Design Blog

ID The Future is a relatively new blog run by some of the top names in Intelligent Design theory. William Dembski, Michael Behe and Guillermo Gonzalez are the scientists on board, with Steve Meyer, Paul Nelson, Jay Richards, Jonathan Wells and Jonathan Witt filling out the roster of philosophers. Jay Richards posts the inaugural message:

Intelligent Design The Future is a multiple contributor weblog. Its purpose is to explore the growing evidence for purpose and design in the universe. Posts will focus primarily on the intellectual issues at stake in the debate over intelligent design, rather than its implications for education, public policy, or whatever.

The contributors represent different academic disciplines and often have different interests. So this blog will be eclectic. Expect posts from biology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, physics, the human sciences, and elsewhere. Most posts will be brief, providing editorial comment and links to relevant articles and discussions. We will alert readers to recent articles that bear on design in the universe. And we will speak directly on current events as they relate to intelligent design, materialism, reductionism, and other related intellectual issues.

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