Tuesday, April 26, 2005


First, you may have noticed that, for the past few months, my blogroll has had 18 Skirts at the top. I didn't mention this earlier because Michele has had a bit of a slow start, but now that she has 5 posts, I think we can safely say that she is one of us. (Ignore the fact that her most recent post is about Weight Watchers. She isn't the soccer mom type. Trust me.)

Second, and what inspired this post, another friend evidently jumped into the blogosphere web log community at Inside the Box without my noticing. (My own fault for not checking my email all last week.) I have thought for a while that Paul would be a natural blogger web log stylist auteur writer, but didn't like to say so for reasons that will become obvious. His blog web log is, in his own words,

about Trying To Be Like Christ ... The Good, The True, and The Beautiful ... Reality's Integrity ... and Story. For now.
My guess is it will also turn out to be very much about paradox.

Welcome to the blogosphere community club.

UPDATE: It ocurrs to me that the title could be taken two ways. I didn't mean the prefix "para" to imply that these are not fully blogs, but just that there's a pair of them. Also, I was trying to make a lame reference to "paradox", which is rather obscured by the fact that it has nothing to with Michele's blog. This is why I hate puns and basketball. I am not good at either.

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