Saturday, April 15, 2006

Buy a Gun Day

NOTE: This post was actually created on 4/19 but I am backdating it to comply with the official date. I did mean to post earlier, but, being the day before Easter, there were quite a few higher priorities. I really bought the gun two weeks ago but, due to California's regressive 10-day waiting period (which should have gone away in '98 when the NICS replaced the Brady Act), I actually picked it up on the proper day.

I did buy a gun this year: a Springfield Armory XD Subcompact in .40 S&W. Nice little gun, but it took me awhile to get used to the boxey look of the front end. What finally persuaded me to prefer this one over the Glock 27 was that it is slightly heavier which is a plus when shooting a powerful cartridge from such a small gun. Also, it is slightly (0.03 inches) shorter, which makes it easier to conceal. Probably won't make that much difference in the long run, of course.

I was actually in the market for a Glock 33, having a long time infatuation with the 357Sig cartridge, but no one seems to be selling it. Not surprising, really, as the caliber never caught on.

My next gun will probably be a full-sized .45 of some sort. I wanted one this time around, but I needed something concealable and was tired of carrying around my old Jennings .22 (and frankly a little embarrassed). One of these would be nice, but only in my dreams.

Update: Cowboy Blob has a roundup of what other folks bought. (Via: Alphecca)


René Meijer said...

Hi Jack, It's the ol' skull (Shimrod). Glad to see you're still around!

I was wondering... What is the reason you need to carry a gun around?

Jack said...

Hey Shim. As I said the last time we had this conversation, I probably don't need to carry the gun under most circumstances and, since it is actually illegal in the state where I live, I don't generally do so. But looking at some of the civil unrest that has been occurring in other parts of the world (even in your former home of the Netherlands) I find it advisable to be prepared.

René Meijer said...

I see.

Don't worry, I wasn't going to start a whole firearms discussion. I just gathered from some of your wording that you actually carried it on your person regularly and I wondered why.

Pastorius said...

I am in agreement with you, and I have begun to think about buying a gun myself. Thing is, I know nothing about guns.

I have also been thinking about inviting you and your lovely wife over for dinner, so maybe we could spend some time talking about guns.

Jack said...

Rene: I wasn't worried. I'v always found our conversations thought-provoking and I don't mind talking about firearms.

Pastorius: That would be great. I am actually trying to get shooting club going at my church. (Don't laugh.) The first outing will be getting some training classes for people who don't know much about guns. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to join us. The training will probably be around $100 or so plus ammunition. I will keep you posted.

Pastorius said...

That sounds good. I had broken my hand recently, so I am not in a condition to squeeze a trigger at the present time, but, I think in the future I would like to do that.