Saturday, April 22, 2006

St. Luke's of the Mountains

My wife and I spent a lovely morning at a meeting with fellow Anglicans concerned about the state and direction of the Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA) here. In February of 2006, St. Luke's left the diocese of Los Angelese and aligned itself under the episcopal oversight of the Anglican Province of Uganda. As many Anglicans are considering the same move, or more likely do not have any clue as to how to respond to the growing apostasy within ECUSA, some lay memebers are seeking ways to reach out to like-minded, biblically orthodox Anglicans.

The chuch grounds are lovely, as you can see, but what is really exciting is the prospect of actually making progress in the renewal of the Episcopal witness in the United States. I have been wanting something like this to happen for decades, but, as an outsider, have been limited in how much I could do. The issue isn't really about homosexuality but about the authority of scripture and our need for grace and repentance. I will post more on the subject as I learn more.


sonia said...

Intriguing post. Why Uganda, of all places?

Jack said...

Uganda and Nigeria are the two largest provinces in the Anglican Communion. (Actually Nigeria is divided into 3 provinces but the Nigerian church has the largest population of Anglicans in any one country.) Uganda is just one of the groups that are willing to provide "Adequate Episcopal Oversight" (AEO in the lingo) to American Anglicans. A friend of mine had his church seek AEO from a bishop in Bolivia. The issue is that Anglicans believe that having a line of succession from the Apostles is an important safeguard to the orthodoxy of the church. (Some would say it is necessary but I don't agree as that would disenfranchise the various other denominations, such as Presbyterian and Methodist, which are clearly Christian.) Historically, the appeal to Aposolic Succession has given the Episcopal church a great deal of stability in the otherwise fractious world of American religion, but the problem is what happens when the guardians leave the faith? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?