Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About Time: Revisited

Carol Platt Liebau notes that Bush is finally pushing back against the Democratic hype surrounding the firing of several US Attorneys. I haven't really followed this story, but her headline got my attention: "It's About Time".

My comment to Carol: Seems like we've been saying that a lot with regard to this administration, doesn't it?

There used to be a legend that presidents elected in years ending with a zero always died in office. Reagan broke that trend and, God willing, it will not be true of Bush either. But it does seem strangely appropriate to call this president "The Late Mr. Bush."

UPDATE: Orin Kerr of the Volokh Conspiracy has a different take:

President Bush seemed weak, petty, and defensive. His rhetoric struck me as absurd: Given reason to think that at least some of the U.S. Attorneys were fired for not being excessively partisan, it falls flat to object to an investigation on the ground that the investigation is excessively partisan.

I don't know that I agree since, if the acusations are indeed false, the premise of Kerr's statement is no longer "given". But, as I said, I haven't really followed this story.

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