Tuesday, June 08, 2004

About All About "All About Oil"

Yep. This argument is officially dead according to the AP:

"Today the most important natural resource has been returned to Iraqis to serve all Iraqis," Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said. "I'm pleased to announce that full sovereignty and full control on oil industry has been handed over to the oil ministry today and to the new Iraqi government as of today."


"We are totally now in control, there are no more advisers," Ghadbhan said. "We are running the show, the oil policies will be implemented 100 percent by Iraqis."

There is a legend about George Washington that, after the War of Independence, George III of England expected him to install himself as king of America. When he learned that Washington's intention was to return to his farm he is said to have remarked, "If he does that, he would be the greatest character in history."

When Halliburton was chosen to oversee the restoration on Iraq's oil industry, many claimed that it was proof of America's (or at least Bush's) ulterior motives. Now that we have officially turned all such decisions over to the Iraqi governmnent, I wonder how many of those critics will be willing to acknowledge the statement this makes about American character?

(Via Powerline)

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