Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Iraqi GC Bows Out

In a move unusual for any group of bureaucrats, the Iraqi Governing Council has decided to disband itself a month early, now that the interim government, including president Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, has been selected. Fox News reports:

Just hours after picking a new president to complete the interim government, the Iraqi Governing Council has decided to dissolve immediately rather than wait until June 30th.

That's the day the U-S is scheduled to hand over power. But a senior U-S official says the Coalition Provisional Authority will remain sovereign until June 30th.

The U-N envoy to Iraq congratulated the council on selecting Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer (GAH'-zee MAH'-shahl uh-JEEL' ahl YOW'-ur) as president after the U-S choice said no to the largely ceremonial post.

Al-Yawer calls the interim government a step forward, while Prime Minister-designate Iyad Allawi says Iraq is beginning its march toward sovereignty. Al-Yawer has been critical of the U-S but also denounced violence against coalition forces.

There have been deadly car bomb blasts in Baghdad and the north since the announcement.

Note that last sentence. You can tell when you are doing the right thing in the Middle East, because the terrorists always respond with increased mayhem.

UPDATE: Captain Ed remarks
While the media has, over the past few hours, chosen to treat the newfound Iraqi independence as a slap at the US, in fact it demonstrates that the Iraqis can come together to create a substantial structure for a future representative government. The Iraqis chose a Sunni moderate to lead the transition, a Western-educated engineer who wants to see the occupation end but understands the need for American troops to provide security. The new cabinet says that the first priority will be the elimination of the militias that threaten civil governance, and that cannot be addressed without Anglo-American troops until a stable Iraqi security force can be established.

I haven't actually seen the media trying to spin this against the US, but the rest of his analysis is accurate and insightful as usual.

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