Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Useless Victims

Jane at Armies of Liberation makes some good observations about the genocide and slavery in the Darfur region of Sudan:

Considering today’s Victims of a Lethal Regime are Starving, Poor, Black, African, Muslim Women and Children, in theory they should have widespread popular support. Yet, the liberals are not championing these poor and the neocons have no army to spare. Feminists are busy defending Rowe. The Million Moms aren’t tending these children. The Million Men aren’t marching for these brothers. African-Americans aren’t appalled by racial profiling against these blacks. “Never Again” does not apply to these families. CAIR does not express outrage for these Muslims. Perhaps humans have not yet established a collective identity as earthlings, as civilians, and as allies.

Her concluding sentence seems a bit too general to me. The specific problem is that none of these groups have figured out a way to blame the Republicans or the Christian Right. My cynical side suggests that they are possibly afraid that if they make too much noise about it, Bush might actually do something, which will greatly reduce their ability to feel guilty after the fact.

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