Friday, October 29, 2004

Logic Monkey

I've been linked (and blogrolled!) by fellow culture warrior Logic Monkey as an additional anti-Chomsky resource. Ironically, he cites my post defending my lack of interest in rebutting Chomsky. Well, I did think that was one of my better written posts, but it is funny that it has generated the majority of my popularity (such as it is) either directly or indirectly. (It was that post which made me aware of JollyBlogger, which eventually led to my joining the League of Reformed Bloggers.)

Logic Monkey is a bit more of a firebrand than I, but, judging by his blogroll, he has very sensible reading tastes including: G.K. Chesterton, Charles Williams and Tammy Bruce. (That last link I didn't know existed!) I don't pretend to be worthy of inclusion in that list, but am glad to be included all the same.

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