Monday, October 11, 2004

Taxing Masculinity

Another brilliant idea from the land of cradle to grave socialism:

A group of Swedish parliamentarians proposed levying a "man tax" to cover the social cost of violence against women.

"It must be obvious to all of us that society has a huge problem with male violence against women and that has a cost," Left Party deputy Gudrun Schyman told Swedish radio on Monday.

"We must have a discussion where men understand they as a group have a responsibility," said Schyman, one of the party members to sign the motion for debate on the new tax.

Someone asked me last night (in a completely unrelated discussion) what I meant when I said that the left is in a war against reality. This would have been a great example, had I known it at the time.

TANGENT ALERT: Here is another example of the war against reality principle:
Leftists, eh? You get the feeling that if this guy got hit by a bus, he'd spend his dying breath railing against the preposterous temerity of the laws of physics...

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