Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Thomas Covenant Book?

Evidently Stephen R. Donaldson has a new book in the Thomas Covenant tradition: The Runes of the Earth. I have to confess that I didn't think the second trilogy lived up to the first three books, although I enjoyed all of them. I am a little ambivalent about continuing a series after the main character has died as well. (I still haven't seen the 4th movie in the Alien trilogy for this very reason.) But this quote sounds rather intriguing:

"I probably shouldn't say so in public (as it were), but that experience [writing the Second Chronicles] taught me humility on a whole new order of magnitude." He had surpassed himself in the second series and doubted he could surpass himself again without some development. "So that's what I've been doing for the past 20 years: Trying to become a better writer," he says.
The first trilogy of Covenant books are one of the few fantasy series that can survive the inevitable comparison with Tolkien. Looks like I'll have to check this new series out.

Thanks to Brandywine Books for the tip.

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