Friday, April 23, 2004

Correcting De-Baathification

However, the article Whiskey does link to is interesting in it's own right:

    "The top U.S. administrator [L. Paul Bremer] in Iraq announced Friday an easing of a ban on public sector jobs for members of Saddam Hussein's disbanded party, allowing thousands of former Baathists to return to positions in the military and Iraqi schools and universities."

This looks like good news. As I pointed out below not everyone who serves an evil regime is responsible for the evil.

UPDATE: This via email. Chalabi implies that this policy is "akin to putting back Nazis in charge of Germany". I don't think I agree, but I will have to do some more research. My understanding is that the policy only affects low-level Baathists who committed no crimes and still excludes them from posts of authority. More later.

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