Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Zahar in the Crosshairs?

Evidently, despite the low profile Hamas is trying to keep with the selection of their new leader, "Israeli and Palestinian sources" have identified Mamoud al-Zahar as the likely successor to Yassin and Rantisi. According to the New York Post

    'Zahar, 59, was already on Israel's death list for what the foreign ministry calls "perpetrating a large number of terrorist attacks."'
    'Zahar has written several books including a novel, "Nowhere Under the Sun," which argues that Israel has no right to exist. It is described as Hamas' answer to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's book "A Place Under the Sun."'

Sounds like a target even if he isn't the number one guy.

UPDATE: The Washington Times notes that the assassination of the previous two leaders has created a crisis in Hamas:
"Top Palestinian militants acknowledge that the militant organization Hamas is hard-pressed to follow through on its threats to wreak havoc inside Israel in response to the successive killings of its two top leaders."
Tsk, tsk.

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