Friday, April 16, 2004

More Gun Stuff -- NRA News Corp

The NRA is establishing a news corporation with the obvious intention of obtaining a journalistic exclusion to the blackout period of McCain-Feingold. FoxNews has halfway decent coverage of the story:
"If that's the only way to bring back the First Amendment, we're going to bring it back," Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president, told The Associated Press. Under the nation's campaign finance law, he said, "if you own the news operation, you can say whatever you want. If you don't, you're gagged."

This is all very well, but I don't think this will really have much of an impact. The only people who are likely to go to the NRA for their news will already be fairly sympathetic to the cause. The benefit of political advertising is that you may catch the attention of someone who wouldn't ordinarily be listening. While I certainly support the NRAs attempt to get the message out, I suspect this will prove to be just another example of conservatives talking to themselves.

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