Monday, April 19, 2004

Racist Roots of Gun Control

An interesting post on Instapundit points out some explicite racism in applying Florida's gun control laws from 1893. I have hear similar charges about the more recent gun control movement begun in the early 70s under Richar Nixon which was aimed at the Black Panthers. Couldn't lay my hand on the article, but here is a more recent example, which I got through NRA-ILA:

    'Second Amendment experts say current gun control laws are preventing law-abiding African Americans from acting in self-defense against the illegally armed criminals that infest their inner-city neighborhoods. "Racism still is a big part of gun control," said Kenn Blanchard, a former federal law enforcement officer and author of Black Man With A Gun, A Responsible Gun Ownership Manual For African Americans. "Anywhere that there are no concealed-carry`s, there`s also a predominant black population," he said.'

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