Monday, April 12, 2004

Iraqi perceptions of the UN

I found this interesting post at View from Baghdad while looking throught the entries at the Carnival of the Cats:

    "BTW, while we are on liberal democract rhetoric, I do tons of public opinion research here, and the rhetoric in the USA - a multi-lateral approach will solve all Iraq's ills - DOES NOT resonate among the Iraqi people. The UN is seen as the people who helped keep Saddam in power, and let him punish some groups and reward others. As we have seen, the insurgents are just as happy to kidnap Japanese and Koreans as they are Americans. Perhaps more if one wants to judge by numbers.
    That being said, Iraqis would like to see the UN oversee the elections."

I have been making a similar point when I argue with liberals: the UN poses as the voice of the world consensus, but is neither a truly democratic organization, nor does it do a good job of preventing wars or advocating the causes of oppressed peoples. In fairness, the author is an American so could be accused of bias, but I am encouraged to see that the Iraqis seem to have come to the same conclusion as Eastern Europe. The UN cannot be trusted to promote democracy itself, only to keep democracies honest. And even then, in my opinion, it tends to be uneven in its criticism.

UPDATE: Oops, I guess View doesn't allow links to individual posts. The one I was refering to is from April 9, titled "Nothing Like an Email from a Liberal Dem Attorney to Raise Your Spirits" and is under the picture of his cat.

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