Thursday, April 22, 2004

To Ratify or Not To Ratify...

apparently isn't the question. Melanie Phillips has a pair of posts (yesterday and today) questioning whether Tony Blair is serious about submitting the EU constitution in a referendum to the British people:

    "Why has Tony Blair now decided to have a referendum on the EU constitution when there is overwhelming public opposition to the constitution? Because he intends to ignore the result! When he said 'the people will have their say', he omitted to add 'and a fat lot of good that will do them because I will take no notice'. In Prime Minister's questions, he hinted that if the people said no in the referendum -- why, he'd just hold it again until they said yes!"

More here from the BBC.

UPDATE: Oops. I meant here for Blair's "pledge" that he would not hold multiple referenda.

UPDATE: Oh, and I got this via email from Pastorius

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