Thursday, April 01, 2004

Voucher Rally in Tallahassee

Children First America reports that more than 3000 "participated in the largest school choice rally in U.S. history".

    The Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Program - otherwise known as "Step Up for Students" - provides scholarships to qualifying low-income students for use at public or private schools. [...] Governor Jeb Bush was the keynote speaker at the rally and offered his continuing support for the largest corporate tax credit scholarship program in the United States. Students from Miami Christian Academy had the honor of presenting Governor Bush with an oversized check for $58 million - the amount of money the CTC program has saved Florida taxpayers since the program's inception two years ago.

OK, it's old news and it's just a rally so it won't convince anyone who wasn't already pro-voucher. And it is a means-tested voucher so it won't make sweeping changes in the education level of the population. But any good news on the educational front is worth noting. Especially since traditional media will always be willing to highlight the criticism (Tampa Tribune, Palm Beah Post)

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