Thursday, May 06, 2004

Blogging for Freedom in Sudan

Jane at Armies of Liberation has issued a call to support the anti-slavery movement. From her blogroll:

    Join the blogsphere uprising in support of the Sudanese victims of kidnapping, slavery, torture. Nearly a million civilians have been driven from their homes as monsoon season approaches. Both aid and monitors have been blocked. Thousands of children seperated from their parents lay dying in the desert tonight.

I have had a link to iAbolish since the advent of this site, but I hereby add and to the list. As well as Armies of Liberation, of course.

I found Jane's site via here comments on the baldilocks post I linked to below. She links to a particular letter crusade by iAbolish that allows you to send a pre-written letter to US and international leaders. (I get these via email, so it never occured to me that they could be linked to externally.) If you have not done so yet, please check out that link.

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