Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Naked News

Evidently the distinction between news and entertainment is not quite blurry enough for the Canadians. From Reuters:

A Canadian producer is poised to unveil Spanish versions of its Internet and cable television news show, in which anchors deliver the day's top stories in the buff, this week, company officials say.
Naked Broadcasting Network Inc., which has produced "Naked News" in English since 1999, teamed up with Florida-based APA International Film Distributors Inc. for two versions of "Noticias al Desnudo," or Naked News, executive producer David Warga said Monday.

"One version is a fully nude Naked News program dubbed into Spanish," Warga said. "The second version is the exact same but with the pubic area pixilated out for more conservative markets."

I'm so glad they are considering the conservative markets. Would want to think they were unbalanced or anything...
*Sigh* Yet another reason not to watch TV.

UPDATE: Hmph. Maybe Alexandra Kerry could be the anchor? (Warning: Not Worksafe!)

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