Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Saddam to be Handed Over to Iraq

This brief note from the AP (via Drudge):

The head of Iraq's war-crimes tribunal said Tuesday that the United States has pledged to hand over Saddam Hussein and about 100 other suspects to Iraqi authorities before July 1, when Iraq assumed sovereignty from its U.S. occupation.

Salem Chalabi told reporters that trials would begin early next year, and that judges would receive "files" on the suspects at the end of this year.

Chalabi is in Kuwait to collect evidence against the suspects.

I am not too thrilled with Chalabi's involvement in this story, but handing over Saddam and other war criminals should be a good symbolic vindication of American involvement in Iraq. This show of good faith on our part, along with the prosecution of those responsible for the Abu Ghraib abuse, may help to ease tensions at least among those who are open to being convinced.

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