Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Genocide in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's marxist government has evidently become jealous of Islamists' growing reputation as a source of terror and genocide. In a blatant attempt to prove that marxism is still a threat to civilization, they have broadened their recent genocide against the Anuak to include women and children.

A genocide in western Ethiopia that began last December with a massacre of some 400 Anuak tribe members has broadened into widespread attacks by Ethiopian military troops against more than a dozen Anuak villages in the western Ethiopian province of Gambella, according to Anuak refugees and humanitarian aid groups.

Scorched-earth raids carried out from January through April have destroyed a dozen Anuak villages in Gambella, refugees said. The raids have driven more than 10,000 Anuak into refugee camps in neighboring Sudan and Kenya, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

While the December 13 massacre in Gambella town, the capital of Gambella province, was directed only at educated male Anuak, the new phase of the genocide has seen women and children killed, hundreds of Anuak homes and fields burned, and gang rapes of dozens of girls and women, according to Anuak refugees.

The article in question does not give a detailed description of the Anuak so go here for more info.
(Food Chain: Anuak Genocide Watch via Instapundit)

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