Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Whiskey Tango Uniform

Evidently, JAG Wire has left the blogosphere. I don't have any further information except that I emailed Whiskey last week enquiring about possible problems and she hasn't gotten back to me. Hope this is a temporary problem.

I have removed JagWire from the blogroll. Will put it back if the site comes back online, or if I find out where she has moved.

UPDATE: It occurs to me, on reflection, that the title of this post could have an ungentlemanly connotation if interpreted literally. Obviously, that was not any part of my intention. It should have said "JAG Wire Tango Uniform", but that is not nearly as clever. If you do not know what I am talking about, you should read more Tom Clancy novels.

UPDATE: Captain's Quarters has a bit more information on the mysterious disappearance:

    I've received e-mail regarding the sudden disappearance of JAG Wire, a fresh new blog by Whiskey, an active-duty officer serving overseas for her country. I can tell you that Whiskey herself is just fine and that she will soon be back to blogging, although under different circumstances, probably in a week or so. I will post an announcement as soon as she's okayed it.

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