Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bras and Medals

Taking a cue from Hindrocket, I wandered over to Gabrielle Reilly's page. Far be it from me to feign surprise that a pretty woman is also smart, but... well, she is pretty smart. And therefore, of course, conservative. Just to prove that I really did read the articles, here is an excerpt from her take on Kerry's MedalGate:

    I hate all the media sensationalism about this issue, but I have to say the lack of integrity in throwing someone else’s medals REALLY bothers me. I know if I ever went to a women’s movement protest (which I wouldn’t, because I’m proud of being a woman), I absolutely, in good conscience, could not burn someone else’s Limited Edition, Victoria’s Secret bras. In good faith I could only burn my own bra or not burn a bra at all. At any age, or any era, I know in my heart of hearts that someone else’s Limited Edition Victoria’s Secret bra should be respected with great reverence. It would be a grave character flaw to disrespect that as Senator John Kerry disrespectfully threw someone else's medals.

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